CorePower Yoga is awesome. I could just end the article there, but I will entertain you with my musings for a moment.

My first reaction upon entering CorePower was that I just wanted to stay. Between the fireplace, the comfy couch and décor I could drop in (pun intended…always) and work from this place everyday if they’d let me.

I’ve been working out on and off and off and off and back on again for years. There is absolutely no debating the fact that being surrounded by a supportive group of people who will both cheer you on and hold you accountable will substantially increase your success.

The people at CorePower truly are a yoga community. As we filmed in the hot studio (side note: jeans and sweatshirts are not recommended attire for the hot yoga) you could sense the focus, calm and enjoyment. If you watch the videos, you can get a sense of something uniquely special about this place.

Anna put it best in her interview when she said “everybody has so much stuff that they carry around and I think we’re doing our jobs when people leave here feeling better”.

Do yourself a favor and drop in on CorePower yoga and discover a place that is truly designed to make a positive impact on your life.