Honestly, I am exhausted with marketing. I live the stuff. I’ve kept up and continue to keep up, but it’s becoming abundantly clear that the clutter, noise and growing number of shiny objects is only going to get worse.

It’s the “in thing” to talk about everything digital. It sounds great and gets press to talk up the latest craze as if it’s a silver bullet to big money and a dream business or lifestyle. In fact, many people now make careers out of selling information on how to make a fortune using this thing or that.

Don’t get me wrong- I love shiny objects. I’m fascinated by the potential in new innovations and often see the abundant opportunities available to the right company leveraging them.

But the focus and attention on all of this is killing a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The things that are supposed to take your business to the next level and help you keep up with the times are distracting you from the not so sexy things that make remarkable businesses remarkable.

What ever happened to building relationships, creating unique experiences, over-delivering for customers, following up and making sure your product or service was worth talking about? It’s drown out by the smoke and mirrors of needing to be on Twitter, creating a Facebook post that will get more likes, blasting out emails, launching pay per click campaigns and building a following on Instagram.

In most cases, the businesses that win are those who zag when everyone else zigs. These are companies who are more focused on that one customer today rather than the two hundred likes on a social site. These are companies who are loved not because they have a major digital strategy, but because of their ability to simply overdeliver on the basic steps of the entire consumer experience. These are companies who understand that far more important than anything else is building relationships, making sure the product or service is nothing short of spectacular- every time, giving customers an experience worth talking about, staying in touch and showing you care.

Once the foundation is in place, THEN and only then do they look at shiny objects as a way to build more connections or share the experience with more people. The tools and new shiny objects become a way to enhance the overall vision.

If you do nothing else today, take a step back and look at the foundation of your business. If it’s not remarkable, in every way, then make it remarkable. Instead of focusing on getting another hundred twitter followers or what kind of witty Facebook post to put up today – focus instead on over-delivering for your customers and building in a Wow-Factor that leaves them in awe.

The purpose of this recorded webinar I’m sharing with you here  is not to overwhelm, but instead to inspire you to look at the various elements, each of which can have a huge impact on your business.

I want you to think about your business and the experience a customer has from the time they have no idea you exist, until they become a customer and finally a referring evangelist for your business.

The new shiny object is just having a damn good business people can’t imagine their lives without.