The human brain is built to protect. It uses data input to create folders for “this is good” “this is bad” and so forth.

This is why your body provides you a jolt of adrenaline when you can’t find your child at the pool or why so many will avoid petting that pit bull but have no problem petting the labra doodle. They perceive good, bad, dangerous, safe and so on regardless of reality.

Companies have spent, and continue to spend, billions annually trying to formulate these perceptions for you.

The well-groomed man in the suit with the Rolex is perceived to be more accomplished and successful than the unshaven guy in filthy work wear. Is it true? There’s no way to know for sure unless you learned more about each of them. But your mind will reach into its data folders and craft perception based on that data.

The mind is an efficient machine. It likes order and predictability. That’s why consumers often lump companies into categories. “These are sushi restaurants, these are accountants, these are yoga studios” and so forth. It would be too much work and unpredictable to look at every business as completely unique, even within these categories.

This is also why so many small, local businesses struggle. Even if the product, service or story is remarkable, consumers have a default perception based on type of business, graphics, storefront and so forth. Unless that small business is able to break through that barrier and encourage discovery, they will struggle.

Discovery is a wonderfully exciting thing to the human race because it pulls the curtain back on perceived truths. The earth is flat until it’s not. “Those people” are (fill in a stereotype), until their not. That is just another coffee shop, until it’s not.

We LOVE discovery. Humans want to discover things before everyone else so they can be the first to share it with friends. It’s remarkable how people will avoid discovery, but become elated when it occurs.

As a networked society we love when our friends share discoveries with us. This is how new people, places and things come into our lives and make them more enriched.

Drop In Local is designed to not only offer remarkable local deals to save you money, BUT more importantly to encourage discovery.

If you want to support small business, I ask you to stick with Drop In Local as we grow and continue to feature more local businesses every week. It may be a slow and steady ride, but it will be worth it.

We’re asking you to support small business and the people and passion behind them. So go ahead, discover something new, revisit something familiar, and most importantly share these discoveries with your friends.

We don’t see Drop In Local as just a site with amazing deals and remarkable videos; but rather a movement to champion small, local business.

We invite you to join the movement!

Drop In. Share the stories. Share the deals. Share the dreams.