What video represents is the chance, if you invest in it, to tell your story in a way that sticks.

– Seth Godin

Anyone Can Shoot Video. Making It WORK Is An Entirely Different Animal.


We’re not videographers. Let’s be clear about that (seriously, Joe gets upset and cries sometimes when people think that).Video just happens to be something we are very, very good at but what we do is create unfair advantages.

We put the things that make you worth paying attention to in front of the prospects who can benefit most from your products or service.

We are part story teller, part strategist and part scientist all wrapped up into one fuzzy, lovable ball of ass kickers.


The Story Teller: We understand consumer psychology and the value of building emotional connections. Once we understand the opportunities available to your business, we can develop a narrative and leads to creative and compelling video ads.

The Strategist:¬†We’ve been working with corporations for over 20 years, developing strategic marketing to drive prospects, leads and sales. We leverage this expertise and apply it to video advertising. We always look at what’s not so obvious to find unique opportunities to connect with valuable new prospects and give you a further advantage. For example, for a chiropractor it may seem obvious to go after people in a geographic area, who fit a specific age or who may be searching for back or neck pain relief information. What may not be obvious is targeting female runners who want to perform at their best in that upcoming marathon in two months, many of whom will experience pain and want to not only ensure they perform at their best during the race, but recover quickly after. The best opportunities are often found where others aren’t looking.

The Scientist:¬†There is a method to the madness. How much is bid for a keyword, what those keywords are, the demographics selected, placements, timing, call to action, headline; these are all small components of the well oiled machine. By constantly tweaking each component we can fine tune the engine to perform at it’s best. In plain english – we work hard to ensure the right video is shown to the right people at the right time¬†and¬†deliver the most clients at the lowest price. That’s science!


Video Advertising Works. Here’s Why:

Pay For Quality Leads. The Branding Is FREE.

We LOVE and leverage YouTube pre-roll ads? Why? Two reasons…

With pre-roll ads you ONLY PAY when someone is interested enough to watch your video for 30 seconds or more.¬†If they decide to skip the ad before 30 seconds, then it costs you jack…..¬†and¬†you get mad crazy brand awareness in your market.

The second reason is because most (probably all) of your competition will not leverage¬†pre roll ads, meaning there’s very little competition.¬†This enables you to take advantage of a remarkably low¬†cost per view!

So when you target the right people, with the right message at the right time – you can attract tons of brand recognition and leads at extremely low cost.

We create the perfect, strategic videos aimed at just the right targets so you’ll be way ahead of the curve, and as a result, you will typically bring in quality leads at 10% of the cost of Google PPC and other advertising. For some of you, this can literally change your life.

Reach More People Who Matter To You!

Share Your Story FREE. Only Pay For Qualified Leads!


  • You introduce your business, passion, product, special offers and ONLY pay when someone clicks on your ad. Unbelievable marketing opportunity for forward thinking businesses.
  • Be at the center of daily discovery. People return to Facebook’s News Feed on average 14 times a day
  • Show your video to more people who matter to you. Target real people based on their interests, behaviors, age, gender and location.
  • Reach people across devices. Video ads work across desktop and mobile. In fact, people spend more time on Facebook than all major mobile properties combined.¬†Are you advertising where people are paying attention?
  • Reach people across devices. Video ads work across desktop and mobile. In fact, people spend more time on Facebook than all major mobile properties combined.¬†Are you advertising where people are paying attention?
  • Right now, leaders will be born who understand and leverage the power of video advertising. The rest will follow years later and pay a heavy price, not just in dollars ‚Äď but in opportunity.

Who’s The Laggard? You OR Your Competition?

Video¬†advertising cost effective primarily because most local businesses are asleep at the wheel.¬†It is very rare to see your competition advertising on YouTube, Facebook or other video channels and if they are, they’re most likely doing it all wrong anyway.

For some of you, there was a time not too long ago when you could have purchased Google Adwords clicks for a few cents. Today that same click might cost you upwards of $100 depending on the market. There are business who literally built their entire enterprise because of timing.


Rocket Fuel To Any and All Marketing

At every step in the prospecting, sales, follow-up and referral process video enhances the experience for the recipient and can add significantly higher returns for your business.

We help you build stronger connections and plug in dynamic, impact driven video into your sales and marketing process. Even if you just kept doing what you’re doing – adding video to the mix will make you more money – period.

How It Works


We begin by making sure video marketing is a good fit for both of us. Can we help you and would we work well together?

We’re really looking at two things at this point. First, can video advertising help your business? Second, if it can help your business, what opportunities (and not-so-obvious opportunities) exist for you business. If it looks like we’d work well together and we can make a positive impact on the business, we move to the next step: a Total Market Domination Meeting (insert evil laughter here).


Total Market Domination Meeting: Together we go deep into the underbelly of your market, unique opportunities, best current and potential clients, competition who we need to make cry and so forth.

The meeting itself is used for intelligence we can put into a strategy. A few days later you’ll be debriefed on the best videos and video ad campaigns for your business.

Once you’ve had time to digest the information, we jump on a¬†GoToMeeting call where we’ll go over the proposed plan, answer any questions you may have and determine if we should move forward together.

We charge $368.39 for this Total Market Domination Report. Should you decide to move forward, this is credited toward the project. If you do not find the TMDR process extremely valuable for any reason, we will gladly give your money back to you.


And we begin! Once we’ve shaken hands on the terms of our mission, our team begins mapping out the videos, scripts, keywords and everything that will go into producing the videos which will be responsible for your total mind control of your market (ok – exaggerated a little).

Once we’ve shot, edited and finalized your videos we’ll share them with you for feedback.

NOTE: this is very important so pay attention! (sorry for yelling). We ARE NOT wedding videographers!¬†If you want a beautiful commercial or wedding video shot, call someone else. We design video for results, and we know what we’re doing. That being said, we do accept feedback BUT we may shoot down your feedback (and it will hurt your feelings and maybe make you a little mad). Ultimately we control the finished product to deploy on your behalf to drive prospects, leads and sales. While video is our weapon of choice, we are marketers and our job is to drive business, not make a wedding invitation video.


Architects and Builders:

Our team of elite tactical specialists will ensure everything is prepared for deployment. This is a complete “done for you” process of course (this requires a level of skill few in the world possess).¬†¬†We set up accounts on advertising platforms as needed, integrate the ads to compliment your website, add support or reinforcement videos to your site, oversee or create landing pages to capture leads, embed tracking codes and pixels on your website and connect everything.

In addition to tracking codes and pixels, we often add custom tracking numbers (scripted to avoid any negative SEO impact) to pages so we can monitor, measure and improve campaigns for maximum results.


“Red Team Go! Red Team Go!”

We’ll begin running your ads, monitoring data and tracking results. We pay close attention to everything as we look to fine tune and supercharge the campaign.¬†The monitoring process typically takes 5-14 days depending on how dialed in we are with the target audience and demographics.

Keep in mind if you are targeting a super small market, which is often the case for hyper-local campaigns, the timeline for full evaluation may take a bit longer since the data will not be as deep as a more broad campaign effort.


Total Domination:
Once we have a read on where we’re having an impact and what’s falling short,¬†we’ll provide you the intelligence we’ve gathered and go over everything with you.
Based on the intelligence briefings we have, we’ll be able to really dial things in and begin to broaden our reach and scale as needed.


When you’re ready – this is where you start. Click below and away you go.